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About Our Company and Home Improvement Services

Littleton's Construction has been delivering stunning home improvement services all over the Los Angeles, CA area since 1989. With a team that boasts expertise in various forms of construction and a commitment to customer care, our company will not just meet but exceed your expectations. Find out what makes us the top choice for your needs.

Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Competence and Qualifications

Our company believes building a solid and successful business is impossible without qualifications, especially in our line of work. So, we have worked hard to acquire all the necessary licenses that prove just how skilled and experienced we really are. Plus, we strive to keep a broad range of services available to commercial and residential clients alike. Book our home improvement services today!

Company Values

We work with integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail. When you choose our services, you will always get the correct pricing info, as well as the specifications of every material used for your projects on request. Also, we invest in continuous training to keep our technicians’ professionalism a step above the rest. Finally, we invest in a meticulous working process in any project we undertake. Call our room addition contractor today.

Contact a room addition contractor from Littleton's Construction at (213) 684-5246. We will help you schedule an appointment with us. Our company serves the Los Angeles, CA area.


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